Dull Skin

Dull skin can make you feel down about your general appearance. Your skin reflects your mood: when you feel good, your skin feels good!

Lackluster skin can be caused by many factors including poor general health, overload of dead skin cells, ineffective skin care, diet and lifestyle as well as high bacteria levels.

At My Bliss Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments in a holistic way to help you achieve a radiant skin. We believe a better-looking you starts from having great skin – -Where Radiance Begins.

To reduce the build up of dead skin cells, SilkPeel DermalInfusion is a very effective way to establish a brighter complexion as well as enabling the skin to better absorb effective skin care products. Microdermabrasion involves the skin being deeply cleansed then a mechanical disc covered with diamond chips rotating all over the skin surface of the skin to gently, yet effectively, remove the dead skin cells from the uppermost surface of the skin . You can expect 60-80% of all dead skin cells to be removed. Once the dead cells are removed, the skin will more readily accept topical products and also allow light to bounce off, ensuring a vibrant and luminous complexion to be revealed.

Puresense Skin Booster
Puresense Skin Booster is an innovative light reflecting treatment concept between filler injections and mesotherapy, which redensifies your skin deep down and restores its ability to reflect light.

Professional Chemical Peels
Medical grade peels such as Neostrata Glycolic Acid Peel are clinically-proven and work gently to slough off the dead skin cells caused by aging, sun exposure and environmental pollution. Peels are an effective way to not only remove dead skin cells but they will also penetrate deep into the skin treating conditions such as acne and uneven skin tone.

Photo-rejuvenation with Dynamis Lite Peel helps you to unveil healthy and glowing skin cells under those dull and tired superficial layers of your skin. It ligthens blemishes, minimizes pores and brighten complexion simultaneously.

If you are able to accept a little downtime after the laser treatment, our signature laser — TwinLight Rejuvenation is a better option to target all your skin concerns i.e. loose skin, large pores, pigmentation, scars, dullness and wrinkles — at one goal.

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Message from Dr. Elson

There are many ways to improve dull skin. The more popular options are SilkPeel DermalInfusion (which is included in our Bliss Signature Facial and Divine Lifting Facial) and TwinLight Rejuvenation Laser.