Eye Brightening Program

A compelling program with the antidote that instantly brightens the under eye area while diminishing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Eye Brightening Program is formulated to nullify dark circles with the cutting-edge brightening technology using Laser Toning Under Eyes and Puresense Skin Booster that comes with soothing Collagen Eye Mask.

This program especially takes care of discoloration & microcirculation around the eye area by harnessing the power of collagen using highly moisturizing ingredient and professional method that is down right anti-dark circles.

You can now kill two birds with one stone by defeating dark circles and have your skin moisturized to a whole new dimension. It’s time to step out of the dark & into the light and unleash your confidence!

Recommended for:

  • Dark Eye Circles
  • Fine lines on under eyes
  • Dry crepey skin on under eyes

Program consists of :
4 sessions of Laser Toning Under Eyes, 4 sessions of Puresense Skin Booster Under Eyes , 8 Collagen Eye Masks

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