Profhilo Treatment

Rejuvenate Your Skin
From The Inside Out 

We begin to lose a significant amount of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid as part of the natural ageing process. Collagen and elastin are two crucial proteins found in the skin’s structure and play pivotal roles in maintaining its vitality, firmness, and overall health.

Together, collagen and elastin work synergistically to provide the skin with a plump, youthful appearance. The Profhilo Treatment in Malaysia at My Bliss Clinic is a game-changer in skin remodelling for improved skin laxity.

About Profhilo

Profhilo injection uses advanced patented technologies made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), designed to re-energise and renew the skin. 

The Profhilo Treatment stimulates the production of four different types of collagen and elastin due to the slow release of hyaluronic acid, significantly improving skin tissue quality. It is unique in the sense that it is the only skin treatment capable of stimulating the natural production of all types of collagen and elastin, giving you visible results in as little as two visits. 

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo Treatment is a novel bio-remodeling injectable hyaluronic acid treatment that is formulated with unique patented NAHYCO® hybrid technology. Thanks to this technology, Profhilo has a prolonged collagen stimulating activity on the dermal cells. It addresses skin laxity and signs of aging by stimulating the regeneration of collagen, elastin and adipocytes (fat) stem cells that were lost through aging.

Profhilo has the highest hyaluronic concentration in the market which combines 32mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 32mg of lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This treatment is commonly injected onto the lower face and neck. It can also be used on the hands, décolletage, arms, knees and abdomen to treat dry and loose skin in these areas.  Both men and women of all ages are suitable to go for this treatment.

How does Profhilo work?

The Profhilo Treatment is developed by using a patented technology resulting in hybrid cooperative complexes between high molecular weight HA (H-HA) and low molecular HA (L-HA) without the use of any chemical cross-linking compounds such as BDDE. These thermally cross-linked complexes increase the stability of HA to enzymatic and mechanical degradation. Despite its high HA content, it has a low inflammatory profile coupled with pro-healing properties backed by clinical studies.

Profhilo contains 32mg of L-HA and 32 mg of H-HA, totalling in 64 mg of HA in a 2ml prefilled syringe.


L-HA as a hybrid complex is released slowly and hydrates your skin, providing the hydrating effect.

H-HA provides a stable HA architecture in the dermis that allows volumetric replacement, giving the lifting effect.


During this time, the slow release of HA kickstarts the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin.

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Histologically, the expression levels of type I and type III collagen and type IV and VII collagen in keratinocytes are increased.


What results can I expect?

After just a single course of the skin remodelling treatment, which involves two injectable treatments four weeks apart, you can expect to see intense hydration. It makes the skin glow and fine lines can disappear. You’ll notice and feel a smoother and tighter skin. Even for those patients with very wrinkled skin, an improvement in the texture is undeniable. The treatment can be repeated after six months in cases where more repair is desired.

Profhilo can also improve the appearance of dimpled acne scars when injected directly into the scars. Subcision, a minor procedure that releases the scar tissues underneath the scars, will be performed prior to Profhilo injections.

Where can Profhilo be used?

The Profhilo Treatmentis most commonly done in the facial areas, but it can also effectively be used for rejuvenating the neck, decollete, arms, knees, and hands.

How long does Profhilo last?

The results from the skin remodelling treatment will last 6 to 9 months on average, but the results can differ for each individual.

Is it expected to have lumps where the Profhilo has been injected, and how long will they be there for?

Following up from the skin remodelling treatment, there is a chance that localised lumps can form where each of the injection sites has been. These lumps will subside usually within 4-6 hours after the treatment but they can last up to 24 hours.

How much downtime is there after treatments?

The downtime is minimal. When injected using the five-point technique on each side of the face, each insertion is immediately noticeable. However, they start diffusing very quickly and they disappear completely by the next day.

After the treatment, it is recommended to avoid physical strain and sports for 24 hours. Please also avoid having further cosmetic procedures for 48 hours. It is not recommended to have a sauna or steamy bath for the first few days either. It’s best to stay out of the sun if any bruising or prolonged swelling occurs.

Will there be any side effects?

Hyaluronic Acid is very well tolerated by the skin. The only reported side effects are bruising and mild swelling at the injection sites. These generally disappear in a short period of time and are associated with the needle, not the product.

Is the treatment safe?

The Profhilo Treatment was launched in February 2015 in Italy. It’s been used worldwide ever since. Over 150,000 patients have been treated so far with no adverse reactions reported. From a safety perspective, the skin remodelling treatment is highly biocompatible. That’s because it is made from ultrapure, natural Hyaluronic Acid and is stabilized without the addition of chemical cross-linking agents. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions. The product has also won numerous awards.

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Cost of Profhilo Treatment in Malaysia

Our highly effective, minimally invasive Profhilo Treatment prices start from RM3,000 per session with the first trial and package price available. Enquire now to arrange a consultation.

Message from Dr. Elson

Our Profhilo Treatment delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments such as dermal fillers, botox and thread lift for their synergistic results.