Miriqa Vitrilia

Professional Hair Nutrition Supplement

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While oral medications such as finasteride are available for hair loss patients, many of them prefer not to take this medication to avoid having side effects. One alternative is the Miriqa Vitrilia (simply known as Miriqa in Singapore) hair supplement – an all-natural, drug-free supplement for both men and women.

Available exclusively at selected clinics in Malaysia, the effectiveness of Miriqa Vitrilia professional hair nutrition supplement is backed by numerous clinical trials and 25 years of continuous research and development.

  • Patients saw a 34.5% increase in mean numbers of hair, after 8 months of supplementation. A study shows that people on Tocotrienol saw a significant increase in hair counts especially after 4 months, compared to placebo group where the hair counts remained or declined.
  • Hair increased for more than 50% in 40% of subjects. (Tropical Life Sciences Research, 21(2), 91–99, 2010. Effects of Tocotrienol Supplementation on Hair Growth in Human Volunteers)
  • Clinical evaluation showed 88% of people had significant improvement in hair shine and brightness after taking Keratin Forte.

Just take 2 tablets a day results can be seen in as little as 4 months.


Clinically-proven ingredients include:

Tocotrienol is a super potent Vitamin E complex that helps protect against antioxidative stress which causes hair loss in men and women. It is a patented hair growth formulation, naturally derived from palm fruits. It is clinically proven to assist hair follicle regeneration.

Saw Palmetto Berries help to reduce DHT levels, which in turn help to combat hair thinning. It is a good alternative for individuals in whom 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (found in finasteride). It is safe for both men and women with hair loss issues.

Tripeptide Collagen which is collagen found in the scalp will start to lose when we age,resulting in slower hair growth and dormant hair follicles. When collagen production slows down around age 30, the strength of your hair follicles can be affected. Collagen is just like the scaffolds of our scalp for healthy and strong hair.  Subjects are shown to see increase in thickness of hair shafts after consuming Tripeptide Collagen.

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7, which is an important micronutrient that stimulates keratine production in hair and increase the rate of hair growth.

Keratin Forte are the structural building blocks that make up the foundation of healthy hair (as well as skin and nails). When taking Keratin, subjects has seen results of reduced hair loss, increased hair strength and hair brightness

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