Mesotherapy in Kuala Lumpur

Mesotherapy is a method that injects vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other active substances directly into the third layer of the skin where the blood vessels are, the mesoderm. Mesotherapy provides an intensive hydration and nutrition of the skin itself, and the aging process is significantly slowed down.

First use of mesotherapy was with the purpose of pain reduction. Mesotherapy was first used by M. Pistor in 1952 in France. After his work was published mesotherapy was used for cellulite, and fat reduction and to improve nourishment and the looks of skin.

As we grow older the skin goes through changes such as texture and elasticity loss, unequal pigmentation, loss of subdermal fatty tissue and the skin has worse circulation, the skin becomes prominent with enlarged capillaries. Most of the listed changes come with the reduced function of fibroblast, UV Sun radiation influence, free radicals, harmful influences from the environment. Applying the antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids into the middle layer of the skin enables direct supply to the blood vessels with all the required ingredients.

Who should go for this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for those with:


  • Loose skin
  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles


  • Stubborn fat on abdomen, flanks, thighs & buttocks
  • Cellulite


  • Hair loss

How many treatments are required before I see results?

All patients are different, and require special evaluation and it depends on the patient’s body. Some patients see results after one treatment session while others may require four to five treatments to begin to see results. We recommend 5 to 10 weekly treatments for satisfying results.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are generally limited to bruising. The bruises usually fade within one week.

How long does the procedure take? Is there any downtime after the treatment?

The procedure generally takes 45 to 60 minutes and requires no preparation prior to the treatment or downtime after the procedure.

Is the treatment painful?

The majority of patients experience minimal discomfort with mesotherapy. For those with lower pain thresholds, a numbing cream or painkillers can be used.

What are the benefits of Mesotherapy over surgical techniques such as liposuction?

Liposuction does not treat cellulite and may make the cellulite more prominent. Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly and the results are a smoother skin & skin surface. Mesotherapy reduces fat in specific areas, a common example are “love handles”. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure. It does not require a hospital admission, general anesthesia, or downtime after the procedure.

How does Mesotherapy work on skin rejuvenation?

Vitamins and anti-oxidants injections into the meso-skin rejuvenate the cells and tissues making them metabolically active. Collagen and elastin production is stimulated. Mesotherapy vitamin treatments may be used to prevent future wrinkles from forming.

How does Mesotherapy work on fat reduction?

Mesotherapy can identify specific targets or spots where the body stores excessive adipose & fat. Mesotherapy formulas injected in the meso-skin and disallow the cells from storing fat and help shrink the problem fat cells. Your body then flushes out the broken-down fat. Mesotherapy reduction can be used for double chins, love handles and any other areas where you have fat pockets.

How does Mesotherapy work on cellulite?

The physician will create a Mesotherapy formula for your stage of cellulite. Components of the solutions dissolve the fat (lipolysis) and the cellulite and induce breakdown of the damaged connective tissue. It also helps to improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow in the circulatory system. The aesthetic results include smoothing and contouring of the skin’s surface.

How does Mesotherapy work on hair loss?

Mesotherapy provides an effective time-release delivery system that can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen, increase follicle size to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Who can have Mesotherapy?

Healthy adults between 20 to 70 may have mesotherapy for body sculpting, cellulite treatment, skin rejuvenation and hair growth. Exclusion criteria are in place and preclude those patients confronted with moderately severe heart disease, diabetes, or those on blood thinners or arrhythmia medications, immune-compromised and/ or organ.

Message from Dr. Elson

Mesotherapy aka fat reduction injection is popular for areas like double chin and cheeks. It is less popular on larger body areas such as tummy and hips as there are multiple injections involved on a weekly basis. Alternative treatment options for body contouring are RF Venus Sculpt and HIFU Ultraformer III.