Rejuran Cosmetics

Rejuran Cosmetics have been developed by experts who have studied cosmetics and skin for a great number of years. Selected organic ingredients have been used along with c-PDRN to optimize skin condition with their moisturizing, anti-oxidizing and calming effects which are essential to heal damaged and aged skin.

c-PDRN is a specific standards of DNA fraction extracted from salmon by using patented technology, DOT. It is a skin improvement activator and skin turn-over ingredients that transform damaged or aged skin to young and healthy skin by providing skin elasticity and strengthen skin barrier.

Rejuran Cosmetics are 7Free, the ingredients that irritate the skin — paraben, ethanol, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, PEG, petroleum-based pernicious ingredients and EDTA, are excluded to minimize skin irritation.

Rejuran Cosmetics skincare products are best used after the Rejuran Healer treatments for their synergistic effects so that the Rejuran Healer results can be maintained and last longer.

Rejuran Turnover Ampoule

10ml x 3

c-PDRN 0.5% + Organic ingredients 88%

Restore skin’s turnover cycle, all-in-one solution for better skin, less wrinkles and whitening.

It is an intensive skin-improvement ampoule containing a high concentration of c-PDRN, to increase the collagen production on the damaged skin area and strengthen the skin barrier to restore the broken skin turn-over cycle.

How to use
Dab a small amount using the dropper and gently sweep across the face in morning and evening after cleansing

Rejuran Eye Gel


C-PDRN 0.4% + Organic ingredients 95%

Intensive care for eye wrinkles

It is a special eye healing care solution. c-PDRN and adenosine strengthen the elasticity of the wrinkles and dulled eye area and protect the eye areas with hypoallergenic base using USDA certified ingredients providing smooth and bright eye areas

How to use
Using your ring finger, gently circles around your eye area and massage to absorb.

Rejuran Healing Mask

1 box contains 5pcs

Intensive Rejuvenating Mask

The skin rejuvenating effects of c-PDRN on stressed skin and rapid soothing effects of Centella Asiatica on sensitive skin promotes long lasting hydration and strengthens skin barrier for healthier skin. Adenosie improves the damaged skin elasticity and aged wrinkles to revive the elastic skin. Collagen extracted from nature intensively supplies nutrition and helps to maintain clear skin tone and texture.

How to use
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on your face. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove mask and gently dab the essence on the face until it is completely absorbed.