Laser SmoothEye Lift

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Non-invasive laser treatment for brow lifting, tightening & wrinkle reduction in the eye area

Fotona’s revolutionary non-ablative SMOOTH mode treats the skin in a smooth manner, without bleeding and with precisely controlled temperature.

What is Laser SmoothEye Lift?

Combining 2 laser wavelength – Nd:YAG and Erbium YAG, Laser SmoothEye Lift significantly tightens loose and aging skin of the eyelids and periorbital area, at the same time provides brow lifting effects with little to no downtime and maximize patient comfort, making this a very sought after non-invasive cosmetic procedure. After a few sessions, the result is improved skin elasticity, overall periorbital appearance and significant wrinkle reduction.

This laser treatment comes with 3 steps: the first 2 steps are performed on the forehead and scalp for deep collagen remodeling and skin contraction. Results are lifted eyebrows and smoother skin on the treated area. The last step of the treatment is to emit laser energy onto the eye area, including upper eye lids and the under eyes. This will improve the wrinkles, tighten the loose skin and reduce dark circles.

Who are the ideal patients for this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for patients:

  • Who concerns of droopy upper eye lids and brows.
  • Who wants to reduce saggy eyes, eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area.
  • Who prefer not to have undergo surgery or injectable treatments.
  • Who had surgical blepharoplasty and want to have a firmer or smoother skin.

How long does the treatment usually take? Is it painful?

It will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes, including numbing the treatment area prior to the laser treatment. There will be minimal discomfort with heat and prickling sensation during the procedure.

Will there be any downtime after the procedure?

Downtime is from minimal to up to 3 days, depending on the laser settings and your skin condition. Redness or mild peeling will subside gradually.

How many treatments will I need and how often?

3 to 4 sessions are recommended for optimal results. Treatments to be done once every 3 to 4 weeks. Patients may choose to have a maintenance treatment once a year after completing the initial 3 to 4 sessions.

What will be the post procedure aftercare?

Patients are advised to use sunscreen with SPF 50 & above on daily basis. Moisturize should be applied on the treatment area to sooth the skin and shorten the downtime post laser treatment.


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Message from Dr. Elson

This laser works well as a standalone treatment, or it can be combined with other treatments such as dermal fillers and HA skin boosters on the under eye area for better results.