Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) in Kuala Lumpur

The Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) is an acne treatment based on selective photothermolysis of sebaceous follicles with topically delivered light-absorbing gold microparticles. 

It is done through the use of microparticles of gold, along with the radiation of laser to effectively reduce the acne by:

  • Cleaning the sebaceous follicles 
  • Reduction of sebum production 
  • Alleviation of acne lesions 
  • Pore reduction 

How does Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) work?

Acne is a skin problem which is common in both teenagers and those in adulthood. It is widely known that acne is mainly caused by overactive sebaceous glands in the skin, which is combined with clogged pores and the proliferation of the P.acnes bacteria – leading to inflammation and breakouts. 

Gold Nanoshell-mediated Photothermal Therapy (PTT) is a treatment which uses gold nanoparticles to deliver the treatment into the skin pores through Sonophoresis (ultrasound). 

These nanoparticles are then heated with a dermatology laser such as the Nd: YAG Clear & Matte Laser which will modify targeted sebaceous glands. During this process, gold nanoparticles convert photon energy from a laser to thermal energy. 

Gold nanoparticles have a high photothermal conversion efficiency, yet can achieve excellent results with no side effects. The heating process modifies targeted sebaceous glands, decreasing the activity level of oil production. This treatment deactivates the sebaceous glands without harming the surrounding tissues.

What is the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) good for?

The Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) is ideal for patients with large pores, reduction of active acne due to the production of sebum on the skin. 

It will also lighten post-acne reddish and pigmented scars along the way.  

Is the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) safe?

Yes. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the topical use of gold microparticles for selective photothermolysis to treat recurrent acne. 

The overall health of the human living cells remains good without being compromised after the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT)

Stem cell growth research has also shown that the toxicity level of gold nanoparticles is negligible. Hence, Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) is safe to be used. 

Is the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) painful?

No. The Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) is painless but you may feel some heat sensation due to the laser which is treating your face. 

How long is the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT)?

The first step of the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) via Sonophoresis (ultrasound) usually takes 6-10 minutes. 

Laser treatment duration depends on the size of the treatment area. 

One treatment typically takes approximately 45 minutes and you will see results the next day. 

How many sessions of the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) are required?

For optimal acne-controlled results, we recommend 5 to 8 sessions, with the treatment to be done once every 2 weeks.

Is there any downtime after the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT)?

There is no downtime. There will be mild redness on your face which will subside within hours.

You can resume your normal daily activities right after the treatment, except heavy sun exposure.

Is there any post-procedure care I need to take note?

We advise patients to apply post-laser treatment cream or any fragrance-free, perfume-free moisturizer cream on the area.

You should also have sunscreen protection in the treated area.

Message from Dr. Elson

Before the Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT) procedure, it is better to have pore-cleansing treatment such as Ionto Sonic Cleansing or SilkPeel DermalInfusion to enhance the results of this treatment. LED Photomodulation Therapy can be combined as well for faster and more effective results.