Acne is a very common condition among teenagers and adults. There are 4 main factors that cause the development of acne – over production of oil on the skin, excessive dead skin cells clogged within the follicles, bacterial colonization and inflammation.

Aknicare is the only topical range that is clinically proven to work effectively on hyperseborrhea. With its innovative breakthrough technology, Aknicare is able to effectively target all 4 acne pathogenesis factors without the use of antibiotics, retinoid and steroids.

Aknicare Cleanser

The Aknicare Cleanser has a surface sebum-regulating action and also deeply cleanses the skin, removes debris and surface sebum, and unblocks pores in preparation for Aknicare Lotion and Aknicare Cream. It also contains an anti-bacterial agent.

Aknicare Cleanser - this is designed to alter the skin's surface environment and ensures the skin is receptive to the other products:

Reduces surface sebum - less oily skin
Deeply cleanses skin - removes dirt, grease and debris
Reduces skin proliferation - surface exfoliant
Anti-bacterial action - first of four - to promote normal skin bacteria levels
Indirectly provides calming and soothing properties - reduced pain and swelling

Active Ingredients:
Aqua (water); sodium myreth sulfate; disodium laureth sulfosuccinate; peg-120 methyl glucose dioleate; cocamidopropyl betaine; sodium lauryl glutamate; sodium dilaureth-7 citrate; pyruvic acid; propylene glycol; peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil; disodium edta; phenoxyethanol; sodium chloride; triclosan; imidazolidinyl urea


Aknicare Lotion

Aknicare Lotion alters the environment to help normalise skin shedding, skin thickening and pore diameter from within. This reduces the risk of new spots forming. Aknicare Lotion also contains an exfoliant, two anti-bacterial agents and a free radical neutraliser, which helps to calm and sooth existing inflammation. It is designed to assist in creating a spot free environment in the skin. Aknicare Lotion should always be used in conjunction with the Aknicare Cream.

Active Ingredients:
Alcohol denat; triethyl citrate; ethyl linoleate; capryloyl glycine; propylene glycol; salicylic acid; ascorbic palmitate; lecithin, GT-peptide-10



Aknicare Skin Roller

Aknicare Skin Roller contains the active sebum reducers, found in Aknicare Lotion, calming and soothing agents as well as antibacterials, to provide fast relief in reducing blemishes or stopping their development. It also reduces spots in two ways, by mopping up the inflammatory agents produced by bacterial action, while also reducing the body's reaction to these agents at the same time.

Active Ingredients:
Alcohol denat; triethyl citrate; ethyl linoleate; capryloyl glycine; octadecenedioic acid; propylene glycol; dimethyl isosorbide; ascorbyl palmitate; salicylic acid; lecithin


Aknicare Cream

Aknicare Cream has a dual function through its remarkable hydrating properties to help reduce cellular water loss, promoting and protecting crucial barrier function. The cream also has a lower level of the key ingredients to facilitate oil regulation, so it can be used for maintenance also. Aknicare Cream contains an anti-bacterial agent and products to assist in calming and soothing inflammation and scarring risk reduction.

Active Ingredients:
Aqua (water); alcohol denat; cetearyl ethylhexanoate; triethyl citrate; cetearyl alcohol; ethyl linoleate; polyacrylamide;  zinc lactate; c13-14 isoparaffin; cetearyl glucoside; phenoxyethanol; laureth-7;  propylene glycol; methylparaben; salicylic acid; ethylparaben;  propylparaben; sodium hydroxyde; sodium hyaluronate; citric acid


 Aknicare Sun-SPF-30-

Aknicare Sun SPF 30

Aknicare Sun SPF 30 is an ultra lightweight emulsion Synchroline Aknicare Sun Cream Teintee SPF30 50ml. It is a fine and light emulsion with solar filters that reduce the effect of ultraviolet radiation for both UVB (SPF 30) and UVA rays (high protection). With sun protection filters against ultraviolet radiation A and B, it has been specifically developed for acne and seborrheic skin. specially formulated for oily skin and acne. Its seboregulating and protective action while moisturizing without leaving any trace of greasiness. It is also indicated for the treatment of acne during the sunny season or during exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation.  

Active ingredients:
Aqua; Triethyl Citrate; Cetearyl Alcohol; Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate; Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate;
Octocrylene; Alcohol Denat; Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol; Propylene Gylcol; Glycol Palmitate; Arachidyl Alcohol; Oligopeptide-10; Sodium Hyaluronate; chemical filters UVA & UVB; etc...

Aknicare Chest & Back

Aknicare Chest and Back is a unique combination of three key ingredients which target all the causes of chest and back acne in a pump spray presentation. The three ingredients have been proven to reduce inflamed and non inflamed spots and blackheads week on week of use. The key ingredients of Triethyl citrate, Ethyl linoleate and GT peptide 10 work synergistically to transform acne skin to clear skin. These ingredients are supported by salicylic acid and calming ingredients along with products to maintain barrier function and to prevent skin drying.

Active Ingredients:
Triethyl citrate, ethyl linoleate, salicylic acid, zinc lactate, GT- peptide -10


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