Dark Eye Circles

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Dark eye circles are a common complaint of both men and women, giving the appearance of tired eyes. In most cases, dark under eye circles are not a sign of a serious medical condition.

What causes dark circles?

Dark circles can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Excessive pigmentation in dark skinned people
  • Visible blood vessels in pale skinned individuals
  • Hormonal causes such as pregnancy or the contraceptive pill
  • Hereditary factors
  • Nasal congestion. When your nose is congested, veins that usually drain from your eyes into your nose become widened (dilated) and darker. The skin under the eye is very thin which means that the blood vessels under the eye can be more noticeable.
  • Hollow under eyes – many people complain about dark circles under the eyes. Quite often this is due to a ‘dip’ or ‘trough’ under the eye that casts a shadow and gives a tired look. This hollow or ridge running from the inner corner of the eye is known as a Tear Trough. This condition can be hereditary, part of the normal aging process, or following lower eyelid surgery when too much fat has been removed;
  • Combinations of the above.

What can we do for dark eye circles?

  • Laser Toning under eyes – Pigmentation on the under eye area can be corrected by Q-switched Nd YAG laser, which breakdown the melanin and lighten the dark eye circles after several treatments. Besides, the laser will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and stimulate collagen regeneration, which subsequently reduce the visibility of the underlying blood vessels with thicker skin.
  • Dermal filler – Hollow and dark circles under the eyes can make you look exhausted all the time and are caused by lack of ‘padding’ under the eyes. Injection of Juvederm or Teosyal hyaluronic acid dermal filler to the ‘tear trough’ area adds substance between the upper layer of skin and underlying tissues reducing the dark appearance.
  • Puresense Skin Booster under eyes – using Teosyal Puresense Redensity I. This is a new treatment concept between dermal filler and mesotherapy, which redensifies your skin deep down and intensely hydrates the crepey line-filled under eye skin instantly. Its patented Dermo-Restructuring Complex encourages the synthesis of skin-lightening agent –glutathione, your great helper to fight for discolouration on the under eye area. This treatment can be done on your face and neck too!
  • Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy – an eye gel for home use with unique formula that employs a multi-mechanistic approach to building and plumping the delicate skin in the eye area.

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Message from Dr. Elson

There are many causes of dark eye circles. In most patients there are more than one cause for their problem. It will be better to have a doctor’s consultation before deciding to embark on any treatments for dark eye circles. Eye Brightening Program is a good start for most patients with dark eye circles.