Testimonials from Our Customers

Extremely happy
With so many clinics to choose from during my stay in KL I didnt know which was the best. I had anti-wrinkle treatment from My Bliss and am extremely happy. No discomfort at all, and the staff were very kind. I.The professional approach, the presentation of the clinic, the reasonable cost compared to New Zealand, and the lovely little boutique shops in the mall where the clinic is located were very interesting. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Not far from the centre of KL by taxi. hope to return again in the future. Thank you so much.
Kate, Auckland
Treatment received - Botox
Better than my expectation
I have been troubled by stretch marks and skin sagging problems after delivered my daughter. After done the RF Venus Sculpt treatment in My Bliss Clinic, the result is better than my expectation. Cozy environment and good services.
Mandy, Malaysia
Treatment Received : RF Venus Sculpt
It’s good knowing that I have finally found a trustworthy Doctor
I had a big tattoo behind my back & it’s starting to fade & looks distorted in a way because my skin is more saggy now. I really want to remove it because it looks horrendous! Initially I went to another place to remove it quite a number of times but their skills were disastrous! I had uneven skin tone with terrible ‘bumpy’ scaring after the removal with some of the colour still intact which was totally imperfect! I hated it. Upon recommendation, I did a tattoo removal treatment here at MBC, it looks so much better & I really wish I knew about MBC sooner.They are using Fotona QX MAX Q-Switched Nd:YAG. It’s good knowing that I have finally found a trustworthy Doctor.
Meg, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Laser Tattoo Removal
Highly recommend
Wonderful clinic. The doctor was honest and recommended not to do the filler procedure - ended up getting a microdermabrasion facial and it was great. Also the clinic gave me testers to try their products with no pressure of buying. Would highly recommend.
Julia, Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Received : SilkPeel DermalInfusion
I definitely will recommend MBC to my friends!
My friend strongly recommended me to My Bliss Clinic after seen no improvement of my uneven skin tone,large pores and rough skin,even I have tried many products and treatment out there. Pre-aging symptoms worried me.After done the Twinlight treatment which suggested by Dr Elson Chee,my skin tone was even,good complexion, pores less visible and face lifted. I also did wrinkle treatment and filler injection here. It gives me a natural younger look until my friends notice my difference, but they don't know what I have done to preserve my youth.It really surprised me! Thanks to Dr Elson Chee and MBC team! I definitely will recommend MBC to my friends!
Hatsumi, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Twinlight Rejuvenation
I am very satisfied with the warm services provided
I have been troubled by acne, big pores problem for several years.The result was disappointed even visited several beauty saloon.Since done the chemical peel and facial treatment in My Bliss Clinic, acne obviously became less and smooth. I am very satisfied with the warm services provided by the staffs and professional advice given by Dr Elson Chee. Thank you!
Grace, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Chemical Peel
I'm glad that I found My Bliss Clinic
My skin glows and I'm loving it!! I'm really seeing it to believe, my skin is getting much better each day. Even all my friends notice it! I'm glad that I found My Bliss Clinic.
Jeen, Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Received : Bliss Signature Facial
I am satisfied with the treatment. It is so simple and painless way they take out my skin tags. Thank you.
Shamsuddin, Kajang
Treatment Received : Skin Tag Removal
I would recommend this clinic
Doctor was clear and precise about the procedure which was done professionally. The price was reasonable. I would recommend this clinic.
Ong, Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Received : Skin Tag Removal
Pain free, sweat-free, with reasonable price
I sweat always, especially my under arms. After doing micro-injection treatment, I sweat no more. Smell is also gone. Very happy with this. Good doctor and service is good. Pain free, sweat-free, with reasonable price.
Ji-Hyun, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Excessive Sweating Treatment
I think I look 5 years younger now
Holla, I noticed I looked older than my real age due to stress at work My cousin suggested that I come here for blissfully face lift which she has done. I think I look 5 years younger now. My husband loves my skin and I am very confidence now. I took the package and I will come back.
Andree, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Blissfully Face Lift
My skin feel so smooth now
Kulit saya terdapat banyak jerawat dan jeragat. Saya juga ada large pores, clogged skin dan oily skin. Setelah menjalani rawatan POREfessional facial sebanyak 2 kali sahaja, kulit saya cerah, bersih dan tidak berminyak lagi. My skin feel so smooth now. Saat ini, saya berasa senang. Makasih Doktor.
Nabila, Malaysia
Treatment Received : POREfessional Facial
I am so delighted with the result
Due to chickenpox, many scars developed & because I love to surf back in my country in the USA, I was exposed to sunlight very often thus, my pigmentation worsen throughout the years. I guess age is really catching up too & saggy loose skin is beginning to show itself. Also, I have large pores not to mention fine lines & some wrinkles here & there. I finally did 'TwinLight® Rejuvenation’ treatment here. This place is spanking clean by the way. Doctor was actually patient & pretty detail in explanation. I was very impressed with the results seeing that lines & wrinkles were smoother, my acne scars, blemishes that has been haunting me for years is reduced to an unbelievably amount. What was out of my expectation was the saggy loose skin, my skin feels tightened & so much firmer from the inside & outside. 'TwinLight® Rejuvenation’ combines 2 lasers in a single treatment to stimulate the formation of new collagen, at the same time smoothed the lines, wrinkles & lighten blemishes. I am so delighted with the result.
Maggie, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Twinlight Rejuvenation
Results were divine
I am tremendously pleased with the Clear & Matte Laser done by Dr. Elson Chee. Meticulously & gently done. Astounding clinic, breathtaking services by Dr. Elson Chee & very warm staff! Results were divine.
Jamie, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Clear & Matte Laser
Very friendly caring team
Very friendly caring team. First time any clinic has applied numbing cream before anti-wrinkle injections. Could hardly feel anything. Also, sunscreen was applied afterwards and follow up appointment made, tattoo removal was painful as usual but seemed more bearable than at previous clinics, as long as I am pleased with results in a few days I will definitely be back and recommend to my friends.
Keeley, UK
Treatment Received : Tattoo Removal & Botox
Strongly recommend
I will strongly recommend My Bliss Clinic to all of you who needs better skin textures and complexion. I did laser toning with Dr Chee 2 weeks ago, now I feel my skin texture has improved a lot, open pores were minimised and the face is much radiant than before. It gave me a superb result after all. Besides, I love the ambience of the clinic, it's so cosy and clean. I will definitely go back to the clinic again to try all other services in the near future.
Scarlett, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Laser toning
I am extremely satisfied
I was refer by a friend to MBC on 28 Dec 2013, very pleased with the service received as well as the detail explanation by Dr. Elson Chee.

I did a "Silk Peel treatment and Facial". The result is very obvious after the treatment, even after 3 weeks, my face is still bright and glowing. I am extremely satisfied and in fact this is the best facial treatment I ever had. It is inexpensive, value for money.

I strongly recommend Silk Peel Treatment, especially for those who is looking for value for money and fast result facial treatment.
Margaret, Malaysia
Treatment Received : SilkPeel DermalInfusion
I'm happy with treatment
I'm Thai and I used to get a lot treatment in Thailand. Now I'm living in KL and I found out this clinic on the website. I have problem time to time with big pores. I chose laser acne treatment and bought some acne products there. The result from two days after is quite good. I'm happy with treatment and the friendly staffs and very nice doctor. Thank you.
Patnari, Kuala Lumpur
Treatment Received : Acne Treatment
Fantastic treatment
Because of Kim Kardashian’s famous hollywood ‘vampire facial’ also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, I decided to give it a try at My Bliss Clinic, because I witnessed very good results of a friend of mine who has done this treatment there. I've been staying in Malaysia for a few years now & I wanted to cure my acne scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, uneven skin tone & pigmentations just like my friend. Being a Japanese, I love to look beautiful & my dream is to have flawless skin. I am so happy with the result because my skin improved so much. No more dull skin, horrible acne scars reduced especially those on my cheeks, my crows feet really aren't so noticeable anymore, the uneven skin tone on my forehead is nearly gone & my pigmentations all over my face ‘miraculously’ lightened & some even disappeared.

What can I say? Fantastic treatment. Great doctor. Worth my money.
Hatsumi, Malaysia
Treatment Received : Platelet Rich Plasma