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How to Find the Best Aesthetics Clinic in Malaysia

By June 10, 2021 June 11th, 2021 Blog

Are you looking for acne scar removal treatment?

Are you looking for anti-wrinkle treatment?

Are you looking for a facelift treatment?

Do you want to get rid of extra body fat?

If that is so, you may also be looking for the best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. Well, no doubt, with so many options available; finding the best in the business is like finding a needle in a haystack. Don’t worry!! We are here to help you. Here are some tips to help you find the best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia.

1. Ask for Recommendations

The first step of finding good services are to ask for recommendations. Believe us; there is no better way of finding the best aesthetic clinic than trusting word of mouth. Ask around in your family and friends’ circle and formulate a list of the recommended aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. However, if you can’t find any recommendations, search on Google.

2. Check if they are regulated

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) has formulated some strict guidelines to ensure the safety of its people. Aesthetics medicine is a lot different from other medical specialties, and only registered medical practitioners can pursue this career after completing formal medical training and mandatory services to the Malaysian Ministry of Medicine (MOH). The MOH awards a Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) to the medical practitioner only after proving their proficiency in the field and clearing the stringent assessment. Therefore, always check that the aesthetic clinic is regulated under MOH, and the practitioner holds the LCP Award before booking your appointment for acne scar removal.

3. What Treatment Options are They Offering?

Every aesthetic practitioner has their own specialties. Some might be good at dermal fillers, some might be good at nose job, and some might be good at acne scar removal. So, choosing the best practitioner for your treatment is your job. Therefore, always check what treatments they are offering and what their specialties are before finalizing an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia.

4. What is the Level of Their Follow-Up Care?

Follow-up care is a pretty important aspect in finalizing an aesthetic clinic for your face loft, fillers, or acne scar removal treatment. So, always ask these questions to your probable aesthetic clinic:

  • Is the clinic available in case of any emergency?
  • What care will they provide in case of bruising or swelling?
  • Will the clinic provide two weeks post-treatment review?
  • The post-treatment advice and further treatment (if required) is free of cost or not?

5. Are They Using the Latest Equipment

Aesthetics is a dynamic industry. Every day there is a new development. New equipment comes into the market, or a new treatment method is introduced to turn back the time and enhance your beauty. And with new technology comes new methods of treatment. So, before choosing the best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, make sure that they are using the latest equipment and treatment methods, and their staff is well trained to use that new equipment. My Bliss Clinic is an award-winning aesthetic clinic in Malaysia. We specialize in non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to solve your body, skin, hair, and face issues. Most of the treatments at My Bliss Clinic are carried out by Dr. Elson Chee; an LCP certified medical aesthetic practitioner. We aim to provide advanced and proven treatments along with excellent after-treatment care to ensure good final results.

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