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Singapore Blog Reviews on Facial Laser Treatment

By September 23, 2019 December 27th, 2021 Blog
This First Laser Facial Aimed To Improve Airin%E2%80%99s Dull Complexion 696x478
This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion

Laser Facial Review by Airin Lee

In this blog, beauty enthusiast Airin Lee shares about her facial laser experience with the use of a combination of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG laser.

Upon registering her profile in the clinic she chose, Airin was ushered to one of the consultation rooms in the clinic. Here, she narrates that her doctor assessed her skin and gave recommendations regarding the procedures best and some skin care tips to address her facial flaws.

Airin discloses that she needed treatments to combat two skin impurities: dullness and clogged pores (which resulted to blemishes and blackheads).

To treat her dull face complexion, Airin shares that she underwent a laser procedure that was done in 3 quick steps.

NdYAG Laser Is First Used On Airin%E2%80%99s Face 1170x638
NdYAG laser is first used on Airin’s face

First, Airin’s doctor operated the Nd:YAG laser on her face. This laser is effective in unclogging pores, controlling oil production, and diminishing pigmentation of the skin. During the procedure, Airin’s eyes are covered to protect them from the laser beams. She felt the laser’s heat, although minimal, as it passed through her face. After the administration of the Nd:YAG, the doctor switched to Er:YAG laser. This laser, as Airin writes, aids the stimulation of collagen in the skin. Lastly, Airin got a Hydro-Lifting mask on her face for skin hydration and rejuvenation.

This First Laser Facial Aimed To Improve Airin%E2%80%99s Dull Complexion 1170x730
This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion

The other laser treatment Airin got was to treat her blemishes and blackheads. This procedure was done with the use of Carbon lotion and laser beams. It was also done in 3 steps.

The %E2%80%9Cdirt%E2%80%9D Seems On Airin%E2%80%99s Face Is Actually Carbon Lotion Which Works Well With Laser
The “dirt” seems on Airin’s face is actually Carbon lotion, which works well with the laser.

First, the doctor applied Carbon lotion on all the exposed skin on Airin’s face. The laser machine was then administered. During this time, Airin shares that there will be popping sounds and you will be able to feel slight pulsating heat from the laser. Once the procedure was done, a hydrating gel mask was placed over Airin’s face.

Got To Keep That Face Hydrated After Being Exposed To The Laser%E2%80%99s Heat 960x730
Got to keep that face hydrated after being exposed to the laser’s heat!

Both facial laser procedures took 10 to 20 minutes each and there was minimal discomfort the entire time. I like that Airin gives further explanations on her blog about the benefits of every procedure. For instance, she mentions that the Carbon lotion’s interaction with the laser beams helps in skin exfoliation.

Soft Skin Achieved 960x730
Soft skin achieved!

As for the results, Airin imparts that she did not find any difference immediately after the procedure was done. However, when she washed her face on the night after her facial laser treatment, she noticed that her skin was supple to the touch! Her post-treatment photos prove it!

Click this link to read Airin’s facial laser treatment experience!

AlmaLase Laser Facial by Jody Liu

Jody Liu turned to AlmaLASE laser facial to deal with her skin imperfections. She specifically points out two of her face’s problem areas: skin dullness and pores that are visible!

Jody walks us through her facial laser treatment that began with the most important step prior to having the procedure done: cleansing.  Makeup was first removed then the assistant proceeded to clean her face. After which, an enzyme peel gel was used to do some gentle exfoliating on the skin.

Laser Gel Application To Prevent Any Skin Irritation 936x730
Laser gel application to prevent any skin irritation!

Next, Jody recalls that a generous amount of laser gel was applied to her face. She was informed that this solution serves as skin protection. Soon, the laser procedure commenced! Jody tells that the laser beam was dragged over her face 3 times. The laser was set at the lowest and she felt a warm but pain-free sensation on her face as the laser moved about. Throughout this time, Jody’s eyes were covered with protectors.

Laser Light Beams Sure Are Intense 916x730
Laser light beams sure are intense!

The aesthetician wiped off the laser gel, applied toner, moisturizer and sunblock as final touches to her face. The facial laser procedure took about 15 to 20 minutes.

Jody shares that she did not see any improvement on her skin while looking at the mirror after the treatment. It was only after she was shown her before and after photos that she noticed her skin’s radiance. Her pores appeared to have shrunk in size, too.

Smaller Pores Check
Smaller pores: check!

The results continued to show days after the facial laser procedure.  Jody discloses that her skin was more refined and she experienced lesser breakouts. She also commends the treatment because she did not experience any skin irritation, such as flaking and itchiness.

Overall, Jody seemed to be satisfied with the results of her facial treatment, although she admits that she cannot fully vouch on this specific laser facial as she has only done it once. To get all the features of this treatment, head on to Jody’s blog.

 Carbon Laser Treatment by Chloe

 Chloe’s review of her Carbon laser treatment is so bubbly, you would feel through her words that she enjoyed the procedure from start to finish!

To begin her laser facial journey, Chloe relates that she had to fill out a registration for patients. She then had a consultation with a doctor where her skin was analyzed and a specific treatment plan was laid out for her. She mentions that her skin around her nose, cheeks, and chin area breakout often times due to hormones. She also suffered from a very oily skin on her T-zone area. To address her skin troubles, the doctor recommended some skin care products and Carbon laser treatment.

Pop Goes The Laser Popping Sounds Can Be Heard Throughout The Carbon Laser Procedure
Pop goes the laser! Popping sounds can be heard throughout the Carbon laser procedure.

Chloe divulges that the doctor smeared Carbon lotion on the problem areas on her face: chin, nose, and forehead. The laser was then directed onto these surfaces. She mentions that the laser produced a popping sound when it hit spots that are heavy with oil. She also felt a slight heat from the laser and smelled smoke as the treatment continued. To lessen the smoke from the laser treatment, a vacuum was also held in place to eradicate smoke. This laser facial, according to Chloe, promotes collagen stimulation, skin exfoliation, and pore tightening.

Second Round Of Facial Laser To Reduce Acne Scars Pigmentation
The second round of facial laser to reduce acne scars pigmentation.

In addition to this, Chloe got a longer pulse laser treatment as recommended by her doctor. This facial laser treatment targeted reduction of the pigmentation caused by her acne scars.

No Facial Redness After All Those Hot Lasers Yes
No facial redness after all those hot lasers? Yes!

After both procedures, Chloe shares that she was surprised to see no redness on her face at all! No downtime was also needed! Just before she headed out of the clinic, her face was hydrated with a hydrating gel mask. The whole facial laser treatment took only 30 minutes of Chloe’s time.

Time To Cool The Face Down
Time to cool the face down!

For results, Chloe says that there her face had a minimal reappearance of pimples and her T-zone was less oily 2 weeks after the procedure. In fact, she was so impressed by the great results of her skin care that she is already looking forward to going back for another round of Carbon laser treatment!

Head on to Chloe’s personal blog to read about her whole experience!

Pico Laser Treatment by Sim Alvin

There are not a lot of male bloggers sharing about their skin care treatment, so I was glad to find Sim Alvin’s laser facial review. In his blog, Sim Alvin shares about his treatment with the use of Pico Laser.  This is the only blog that mentioned the price of certain facial laser treatment. At the same time, the result of the procedure is far different from the first three reviews.

Sim Alvin begins his laser facial story by disclosing that he wanted to undergo a treatment that would lighten the acne scars on his face. He chose to get a face laser treatment package amounting to $2,500+ for 6 sessions. These sessions were then scheduled 6 months apart.

Red As A Tomato After One Round Of Pico Laser Facial
Red as a tomato after one round of Pico laser facial.

At the start of his facial laser treatment, Sim Alvin recounts that his face was cleansed and numbing cream was put on his face. He had to wait an hour for the cream to take effect. As soon as his face felt numb, the Pico laser was administered on his face. The laser pulsed twice on areas with deeper scars. Sim Alvin comments that he cannot give a bit of advice regarding pain felt during the procedure as he has a very high tolerance for pain.

On Closer Look Sim Alvin%E2%80%99s Skin Looked Burnt
On closer look, Sim Alvin’s skin looked burnt.

Right after the facial laser procedure, Sim Alvin shows that his face was all red. He also adds that the severity of the redness will likely depend on the intensity of the laser setting used on the skin. Because of the redness, Sim Alvin had to use a facemask to hide his flushed face.  A close up of his face actually looked like it was seared. Some parts even seemed bruised.

Facemask To The Rescue Here%E2%80%99s To Avoid Ogling Eyes
Facemask to the rescue! Here’s to avoid ogling eyes!

For aftercare, Alvin was given a cream to lessen the redness, which he did not find effective at all. He says that he needed 5 to 7 days for downtime and continued to wear a facemask to avoid stares from people in his office.

There are not a lot of photos to support Sim Alvin’s facial laser treatment. I suppose we shall take his word for it. If you want to read his entire experience, you can do so by clicking this link.

That is all for this edition of facial laser treatments across Singapore! I hope this article has helped you in determining which laser facial suits your skin condition best!

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